Bullying Destroys. Reyus Builds.

Bullying goes beyond physical violence. It can look like:

Reyus leads the campaign against bullying by creating unity amongst children with our evidence-based approach:
Recognizing the genuine value of every child
Identifying bullying among children in various settings
Implementing creative and effective solutions in schools, camps, and organizations
Equipping children with confidence and skill
Working together to help every child appreciate his or her strengths
Our proprietary programs – BuildUp, an innovative anti-bullying system, and Camp Chaveirim, an immersive sleepaway camp experience built on its principles – manifest our team’s devotion to our core values.

At Reyus, we are driven by:

Children's hands, team building and friendship

Our idealism, structure, teamwork, and belief in each other powers us towards the goal of eliminating bullying and creating unity everywhere, year after year.

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Our success has been assessed and confirmed by objective third parties and experts in the field in a multitude of environments (boys, girls, camp, schools).

With map. Kids in green forest at summer daytime together

We harness multiple abilities – technology, teamwork, idealism, and leadership – to create a powerfully unified team.

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We believe in the goodness of every human being; our approach is not about vilifying the bully or achieving justice, but about problem-solving to repair and improve relationships.

Our most treasured yardstick for measuring success is the visible impact on children, developing smiling, happy children with high self-esteem and good friends.